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How To Transition To Spring (Part 2)

Alyssa Walls

<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-walking-shot-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-waling-shot-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
Sweater  similar  here  //  AG Denim  - the best jeans ever //  Sam Edelman sandals  // Purse 

Sweater similar here // AG Denim - the best jeans ever // Sam Edelman sandals // Purse 

If you read part one to this post, you know my top two tips for transitioning to spring. My third tip is to wear shoes that are open. Whether open toe or not, wearing a shoe that does not fully enclose your feet can really help in the look and feel of your outfit. Your look will automatically scream warm weather ready when you have some open shoes.  Sandals, booties with cut outs or perforations, lace up flats, pumps; all of these are spring friendly styles. Especially when they are in pretty spring hues and patterns! Floral, stripe, blush, and powder blue are all great options!

On a side note, how amazing are these Sam Edelman heeled sandals?? I loooove them! I wore the nude colored ones last spring/summer so I fell in love with these burgundy ones immediately. They are so flattering and they are actually comfortable and easy to walk in.

I also have to mention these jeans. I know they are expensive, definitely an investment, but they are so worth it! I am not joking. These are the softest jeans I own, the most flattering jeans I own. They do not stretch with wear and they are such a great color. I recommend searching sites like eBay and poshmark if you want to try and find them for a deal. AG is by far my favorite brand of deni!.

When transitioning to spring, try pairing your look with shoes that have a warm weather feel! Open shoes are generally more popular during summer, so they add a nice warm weather touch to your look!

Pull out some of your favorite "summer" shoes. Try pairing them with a cooler weather look, i.e. sweaters and jeans.  Pair a chunky sweater with a maxi skirt and lace up sandals, or pair a lighter weight sweater with denim like I did here! Throw on those summer shoes and you're ready for the bipolar weather ;)

Have any tips for transitioning to spring?? Let me know in the comments! Share your photos on social media using #TBL_springlook

Fearless Friday : Mules

Alyssa Walls


Short on time? You can scroll to the bottom for my 5 Min Takeaway!

Welcome to my first Fearless Friday post. I will be posting about a trend, clothing piece, or action  that is outside my comfort zone, or something I wouldn't normally try. I wanted this blog to not only help other women get inspired but also to be a growing experience for me. We must be able to step outside our comfort zones if we are to see any change in our lives, the lives of others, the world.

I'll be honest, my first reaction to hearing that mules were hot this season was "ick!" So I decided I had to try them for a fearless friday post. I shopped around, looking for inspiration, and was pleasantly surprised to find so many tasteful choices. I finally settled on two styles. These heeled ones, with the cutest bow details and gold heels, as well as these embossed flat ones. I scored both during black Friday at over half off!

They arrived at my doorstep and I opened them with slight hesitation. My usual excitement for a new purchase was clouded by my prejudice against mules. (I just couldn't get the image of 90s style mules out of my head!) The styles now, however, are much more flattering and tasteful.

I loved each pair as soon as they came out of the box. Though I was slightly nervous at the thought of how they would stay on my feet, surely I'm not the only one? I decided to wear the flat ones around the house to break them in and get used to walking in them. Well, they were not difficult at all and were comfy from the start! I think it is safe to say I'm in love with this trend!


I styled these embroidered ones with an oversized seater, raw hem skinnies, and a leather backpack for a laid back vibe. I am loooooving the uneven raw hem trend. it is so... cool! And they are a great way to draw more attention to the shoes. I'm telling you, it works! The contrast draws the eyes right to the shoes. I found this particular pair at JC Penny and they are surprisingly comfy and flattering. The fit is perfect and I love them. They are far more affordable than name brand jeans and they were having a buy one get one for a penny so you can bet I bought two pairs!

Mules , similar  HERE ,  HERE,  and  HERE , love  THESE   //  Raw Hem Denim  // Sweater  similar  and  HERE  // Backpack  similar  and  HERE

Mules, similar HERE, HERE, and HERE, love THESE  // Raw Hem Denim // Sweater similar and HERE // Backpack similar and HERE


What do you think of the mules trend? Are there any trends you'd like to see me try?

Stay tuned to see how I styled the heeled ones! And you can look for these Fearless Friday posts once a month. Let's challenge and encourage each other, even in the small things!


Don't be afraid to try a new trend! The worst that happens is you hate it. The best that happens, you find something new to love!

Mules are a great trend to hop on board with! You can find so many different styles of mules, from comfy to casual to dressy. All are great options and a great statement piece to add to your look. Flat ones like the ones I styled here also make great house shoes! They are easy to slip on and comfortable enough to wear around the house! 

click the images below to shop


Oversized Sweater

Alyssa Walls

If you don't have time to read the full blog, you can scroll to the bottom for my 5 Min Takeaway!


Whoever said diamonds were a girl's best friend was lying. Oversized sweaters are a girl's best friend, of course! Okay..Maybe we won't go that far..But still. they are comfy, warm, flattering on all shapes, on trend, and oh so easy to style!

This one in particular is a dress, which I love! Just throw on some OTK boots and you are good to go! And guys, I can not rave enough about these boots! I had a pair of $200 over the knee boots in my hands. I felt them. I tried them on. And obviously I could not do it. I only wish I could spend that much on a pair of boots! Ha. Needless to say, these $50 ones are comparable! Granted, the suede is not as luxurious but who cares?! I don't have to worry about ruining these ones. The fit is amazing. The comfort is amazing. They come in black and brown. If you're looking for OTK boots and you're on a budget, these are the ones for you! I was even lucky enough to snag them on sale for $35. $35!!!!!


Anyways. Off the rabbit trail. As I was saying. This sweater in particular is a dress, but there are even more oversized sweater that are made to be worn as tops! And SO many ways to wear them! 

I've got 4 ideas for ya, right off the top of my head. Seriously, it's 1 am and I should be sleeping but.... #momlife.

LOOK ONE : Office Class

oversized sweater + flare jeans OR slacks + pumps + pearl studs

simple yet chic look. Chic enough for work! A look that is great for all body types and ages. You'll feel put together, classy, and fabulous! 

LOOK TWO : Holiday Party

oversized sweater + metallic pleated midi skirt + velvet heels + statement necklace

Glam city!! You best be prepared for all the compliments! Mixing textures, colors, and patterns (when done well!) is always a good idea as it adds interest and contrast to your look!

LOOK THREE : Casual Cool aka Stay At Home Mom

oversized sweater + distressed denim + cool sneakers + backpack

You'll be the coolest mama around! Or, wifey, daughter, girl boss..whatever you are! This look is an all time personal fav! It's so effortless and cozy yet so trendy!

LOOK FOUR : Sweet & Preppy

oversized sweater + button up shirt dress + ankle boots + large tote

This look is cute and super easy to wear! It's perfect for different body shapes and age groups as well. It has a sweet, stylish vibe!

And of course,  there are always the oversized dress options! OTK boots, a dressy coat, and clutch and you're ready for date night!

P.S I NEVER wear red... especially a red this bright! But I decided to step out on this one! 


oversized sweater16.jpg
oversized sweater1.jpg
Oversized sweater dress , love  THIS ,  THIS  and  THIS   // Love  THIS  oversized sweater (on sale!)  THIS ONE  and  THIS ONE  //  OTK boots  (30% off!!) // J Crew Factory Jacket // Clutch  similar  ,  HERE  and  HERE //  Earrings

Oversized sweater dress, love THISTHIS and THIS  // Love THIS oversized sweater (on sale!) THIS ONE and THIS ONE // OTK boots (30% off!!) // J Crew Factory Jacket // Clutch similar , HERE and HERE// Earrings


What do you feel comfortable in? What screams ME? (Not me.. you ;) What vibe or look are you going for? Try pairing those things with an oversized sweater! You'll be surprised at what works!

Got a silver midi skirt that you just adore because it makes you feel like a princess? Half tuck an oversized sweater, throw on some pumps or sneakers and bam! You've got a uniquely you, comfy outfit. Got those favorite sneakers and ripped and denim you can't live without? Throw on an oversized sweater and choker and your look is complete!

Instead of planning your look around the sweater, pull out your favorite pieces, whatever they may be, and use the sweater as the finishing touch. I'm telling you, there are endless outfit options! See above for 4 different ideas :)