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Taking Time For Yourself : Girl's Night Inspiration


Taking Time For Yourself : Girl's Night Inspiration

Alyssa Walls

 As a mom of three who works a part time job and is trying to start her own business career, I very much understand the importance of friendship and a girl's night.  I have come to appreciate them so much more now. Sometimes you just need to take a break from it all and give yourself some TLC. As mom's, or just women really, we think we have to do it all. But we don't, and that is okay!! It is just as important to take care of ourselves as it is everyone else around us.

 For me, that usually looks like a night with my girl friends. There's just something about several hours of conversation that makes me feel empowered and encouraged. Talking about life, our dreams, goals. Encouraging each other in disappointments or discouragement. Laughter and even tears. My heart is always full when I walk away from a night with my girls, and often that is just what I need to keep going.

<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">
<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">
<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">
<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">

  When Katie Leigh Hutt  reached out and asked if I wanted to be part of a networking shoot / girl's night in, I was definitely intrigued. Katie got all the brand sponsors and put together a lovely night me, Delayna, and a couple other Denver bloggers, Courtney, and Cara.

 Chocolate covered strawberries, fun sunnies, flowers, and yummy wine, all on the rooftop of a beautiful apartment, overlooking a stunning view of Downtown Denver. (I have to mention, this dream of an apartment is available for rent if you're looking for a place in Denver!!) It was a beautiful night  and I had so much fun getting to know these ladies a little better. 

  I got a little dressy for this fun night.  My absolute favorite combination to wear, and the one I feel most comfortable and stylish in, is a good pair of denim and heels. My absolute favorite jeans ever will not disappoint. They are so flattering and the softest denim I have ever owned. I recommend them to customers all the time and they are always sold the minute they put them on because they are that good. These heels are so fun, not too high and I love the cute ruffle details. The block heel and ankle straps make them easy to walk in. This silky tank is a dream, it feels so good on and the color is one of my favorites to wear! 

<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">
<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">
<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-Denver-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">
<img src = girl's-night-in.jpg" alt = "taking-time-for-yourself-a-girl's-night-inspiration-rooftop-wine-and-best-girl-friends">

  I also have to give a shoutout to the brands that made this night possible! Thank you for a fun night, and for bringing us busy women together for a night of fun! 

Colorado Glasses

Colorado Glasses is a local brand that creates their sunnies using sleek wood that they dye with color. How cute are they?! They come in all different shapes and sizes to find any style. I absolutely fell in love with he pair that I got to wear for the night. 


Infinite Monkey Theorem

Another local brand, Infinite Monkey Theorem crafts light, crisp wine that is available in cans. A smarter alternative for those backyard BBQ's, tail gate parties, and casual get togethers.


Tie One On Wine Charms

Tie One On Wine Charms makes cute little accessories for all your stemmed glasses. Perfect for girl's night, bridal showers, or birthday parties! They add a fun little detail and pop of color.


What does taking some time for yourself look like? Do you enjoy a girl's night or would you much prefer a night to yourself? Leave a comment or share with #tbl_metime



Taking time for yourself is important. Whether it is literally just with yourself or a group of your closest girl friends, it is vital that you keep yourself refreshed and encouraged. I'm sharing ideas with you for the perfect night of being refreshed!


1. Find a rooftop, bring snacks and your besties, chat and laugh until the sun goes down. Obviously this is a great option, but maybe you don't have a rooftop to do this on! Head to someone's back porch or a park instead! 

2. Head to your nearest Paint 'n' Sip where you can do just that, paint and sip, it's a fun night and you come home with a fun keepsake

3. Go shopping. Put together outfits for each other and try them all on, taking outfit diary photos as you go! Give honest feedback on what works and what doesn't and why! 


1Draw a hot bubble bath, light some candles, grab a good book to read while you soak.

2. Give yourself an at home mani/pedi

3. Watch a chick flick, go for a walk, or go grab your favorite dessert.