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Fearless Friday : Denim Pinafore


Fearless Friday : Denim Pinafore

Alyssa Walls

  I have to admit, we were too enamored with our ice cream that we failed to get a good full outfit shot. In fact, we failed to really get any shot of this look, you'll see what I mean! So I apologize for the short and sweet (pun intended! ;) blog post today.

  A trend that I have really been seeing come out this summer is denim overalls. Now, there are a few people that can rock this look, but overall I am just not a fan. That is just my personal opinion, though! There are also overall dresses, also known as 'Pinafores'. I knew this was a look I could give a try. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to try overalls, but that day is not today!


  My consensus for this item? They're cute, as long as they are worn with the correct top. I think a more tight fitted top looks best, since these dresses have no shape to them. I think they look casual and cute with some sneakers, I paired them with my favorite wedge espadrille sneakers. Personally, I didn't fall in love with this look and felt it was impractical for my lifestyle.

  That is the whole reason behind these posts, to try out a trend that I may or may not end up liking, and to give my followers an honest opinion! If you don't have three little toddlers to chase around and constantly pick up, I say why not try it! They are definitely a more casual piece, and I do love that this one was light pink!