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Fearless Friday : Boyfriend Jeans


Fearless Friday : Boyfriend Jeans

Alyssa Walls

I realize that I have been completely slacking on my promised Fearless Friday posts...but they are back for good! I've gotten into a much better groove with this blog, so I promise it is here to stay! :)

<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "detail-shot-of-boyfried-jeans-styled-with-same-edelman-hazel-pump-and-a-pompom-clutch">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-smiling-wearing-boyfriend-jeans-with-a-peplum-top-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-and-a-pompom-clutch">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "blogger-sitting-on-railing-wearing-boyfriend-jeans-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-and-a-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "Fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-showing-how-to-style-boyfriend-jeans-with-classic-sam-edeman-hazel-pumps-a-colorful-pompom-clutch-and-blue-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-walking-in-downtown-denver-wearing-boyfriend-denim-caramel-sam-edleman-hazel-pumps-a-light-blue-peplum-top-and-a-blue-clutch-with-colorful-pompoms">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "waist-down-look-at-fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick's-boyfriend-jeans-outfit-styled-with-caramel-colored-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-and-a-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-in-downtown-denver-holding-a-blue-clutch-with-colorful-pompoms-wearing-boyfriend-jenas-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-a-blue-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-of-teddybearsandlipstick-walkng-the-streets-of-downtown-denver-wearing-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-boyfriend-jeans-and-a-flowy-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "golden-hour-sunlight-shining-behind-fashion-blogger-alyssa-walls-in-her-boyfriend-jeans-styled-with-the-classic-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "golden-hour-sunlight-highlights-a-waist-down-shot-of-fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-in-her-boyfriend-jeans">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-bloger-teddybearsandlipstick-leans-against-the-rails-of-millenium-bridge-in-dowtown-denver-one-heeled-shoe-resting-on-the-rails-as-her-gaze-is-fixed-on-the-distant-view-destroyed-boyfirend-jeans-are-the-hghlight-of-her-outfit">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-showss-us-how-to-wear-distressed-boyfriend-jeans">

  If you missed my first (and only - whoops) Fearless Friday, it's a series I will be doing once a month where I try a trend or something that I have not been too keen on trying. The heart behind these posts is to encourage you, and myself, to step out of our comfort zones. Not only with fashion, but in life! I don't want to let fear hold me back. I don't want to live in a comfortable bubble. Who knows what we could be missing out on?? Who knows what great things God may have in store if we just let Him stretch and use us. Our wardrobes may be a small step, but it's a step. And if I truly believe something, I think it should be reflected in every aspect of my life. 

  If you couldn't tell from the title, today's Fearless Friday is about boyfriend jeans. I have always loved boyfriend jeans...on other people!  (At least most of them, some of them are too, boyfriend-y for my taste.) The looks I have seen and loved have always been on girls with long legs. My legs are the opposite of long and I did not think it was a look I could pull off. I'm really learning to love myself, it is not in the least bit easy, but part of that entails not judging myself so much in my clothes. Are there some trends that just look better on a different body types than mine? Absolutely. There are those certain pieces that just fit me well! But I also know part of, okay most of, the problem is judging my body and how I think it should look. If you read my Wednesday post, you know a little bit of my heart about this thought process. 

  I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and everyone was made precisely how God intended! With that thought process in mind, I decided to suck it up and try out this stylish trend. I found this pair at one of my favorite boutiques, and since I had a coupon code decided it was the perfect time to pull the trigger. I certainly didn't want to overspend on something I wasn't sure I'd like.

  Turns out I don't hate them after all! I like them best pair with a classic heeled pump, as they help elongate the legs. I also love the idea of combining styles, such as pairing classic pumps with boyfriend denim which tend to be more "street style". 

What do you think of the boyfriend trend? Love them, hate them, indifferent? Haven't tried them? Are you trying a trend for the first time? Were you inspired to try something new? Tag me in your photos and use #tbl_fearlessfriday 

Don't be afraid to try new things! Whether it's a new piece in your wardrobe, a new food, or an action totally outside your comfort zone, don't let fear hold you back. Sometimes our greatest growth comes from trying new thing and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

Boyfriends jeans are a great trend to try if you haven't! They are versatile and comfortable. You can easily create any vibe you want with hem. Here's three different ways you can wear them

1. Street style

Boyfriend jeans + a simple t shirt + leather jacket + embroidered or platform sneakers

2. Girly (how I chose to style it)

Boyfriend jeans + a flirty peplum tee + a fun pump or heel + a statement clutch

3. Classic

Boyfriend jeans + a tucked in blouse + a neutral pump + pearl studs