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Pick Of The Week : Pom Pom Clutch


Pick Of The Week : Pom Pom Clutch

Alyssa Walls

Two big trends of this season are straw bags and pom poms, so when I saw this cute little clutch I knew it would be perfect for my summer looks.! (I am working on a '5 trends for summer series that will be launching soon! Don't worry, it will only be two posts, you'll still have plenty of time to wear the items ;) 

<img src ="teddy-bears-and-lipstick-pick-of-the-week-pom-pom-clutch.jpg alt ="straw-pom-pom-clutch-how-to-style-clutches"
<img src ="teddy-bears-and-lipstick-pick-of-the-week-pom-pom-clutch.jpg alt ="straw-pom-pom-clutch-how-to-style-clutches"
<img src ="teddy-bears-and-lipstick-pick-of-the-week-pom-pom-clutch.jpg alt ="straw-pom-pom-clutch-how-to-style-clutches-boyfriend-jeans"
<img src ="teddy-bears-and-lipstick-pick-of-the-week-pom-pom-clutch.jpg alt ="straw-pom-pom-clutch-how-to-style-clutches"

I love to pair it with a light blue top and nude heels (can you tell? :) but it really will go with so much! It has the trendy straw body and the cutest poms poms. The bright colors are not only good for summer, they make the piece really pop.

I prefer a big clutch if I am going to go with this style, and this one is a good size and can hold all your essentials. Perfect for a date night or night out with the girls! It is always fun to have a good statement piece in your closet to pull out for times like these, especially when they are under $30.

My exact clutch is unfortunately sold out, but I found pretty much the exact same one, as well as in pink and tan! I have linked them all below!

Also wanted to note, my Pick Of The Week series will be moving to Wednesdays starting next week, along with an exciting new monthly series!! Fridays will be my Fearless Friday (which I totally have been slacking on!) as well as my Tip Of The Week series, where ill be! Haha. Anything from DIY's to different ways to use a certain product, etc. Hopefully there will be some mommy tips in there, too! ;)