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August Style Challenge: Helping You Style Your Closet


August Style Challenge: Helping You Style Your Closet

Alyssa Walls

  Hello lovely readers! Thanks for stopping by today :) I am super excited to share with you guys my style challenge for August. If you've never done a style challenge, they are usually done over the course of a month and they are really created to help inspire you, to help you think of new ways to wear the pieces in your closet, and to get you to think outside the box. 

Every day has a different 'theme', or piece, and you get to style it in your own way. If you don't follow me on instagram, you're going to want to do that because that is where I will be sharing all my looks, updates, encouragement, and more direction on what the day's challenge entails. 

<img src =august-closet-challenge.jpg" alt="fashion-blogger-style-closet-challenge-to-help-you-love-your-closet-again-and-create-fresh-new-looks">

  As an example, as you can see August 1st will be a stand out accessory. Now you get to choose an accessory that stands out and plan your outfit around that piece. August 14th is stripes, because who doesn't have something with stripes in their closet?? You get to pick your striped piece and style it in a way you love or challenge yourself to style it in a new way.

  I just have a couple rules for this Style Challenge..

ONE. It's absolutely okay to skip or miss a day! I understand life gets busy. By participating in this challenge, you are not signing anything that says you have to participate every day. You have the freedom to participate however you want! If you miss a day just jump back in where you left off. If you're unsure how to style something or don't have the right piece to style, check out the Style Challenge hashtag to see how other people did it.

TWO. This is not the time for you to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. No, I want to challenge you to use the pieces you already have in your closet! Sure if you want to go out and buy something for the challenge, i'm not going to stop you. That is definitely okay and would make me happy that you want to participate. But I want to encourage you to use as much as you can from your own closet. This is called a style challenge for a reason, and trust me, it is going to be a challenge for me, too!

THREE. Share with your friends! Invite your friends, co workers, moms, sisters to join in on the fun! The more the merrier! And I am so excited to see everyone's looks and personalities come out!

FOUR. Share your photos on instagram tagging @teddybearsandlipstick, and using the hashtag #TBL_stylechallenge. With permission, i'll be sharing my favorite looks for the day on my IG stories, every day! I will also be giving away $100 PayPal cash and a free style consultation at the end of the month to one lucky participant. To enter the giveaway follow these simple steps!

1. Participate at least once, by uploading a photo, tagging @teddybearsandlipstick and hashtag #tbl_stylechallenge

2. Follow me on Instagram 

3. Tag a friend

Every day you participate is an additional entry! 

  I hope you will join me for my first style challenge, it is going to be fun!