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Pick Of The Week : Valentino Dupes


Pick Of The Week : Valentino Dupes

Alyssa Walls

If you know anything about Valentino Rockstuds, you know they are gorgeous and oh so trendy. Everyone and their mom is wearing them!! (But not really because I'm not wearing them and pretty sure my mom isn't either..) Anyways, they are also reallyyyyy expensive. Which is why I am not wearing them. Though I would like to. (If you dont know, they are a high end shoe, in endless designs from flats to pumps to sandals. The part that makes them the Rockstuds is, as the name suggests, they are covered in studs!)

So of course when I found these beauties for under $45, (and currently on sale for under $32!!) I was very happy to add them to my collection.

They come in black and nude and surprise surprise, I chose the nude. I love nude colored shoes as they not only go with everything, they elongate your legs. I just find nude so much prettier than black, and I'm terrified of owning white shoes lol! 

They are comfortable to wear and the heal is a nice thick block, so they are easy to walk in. They certainly don't feel like the 3.5" they claim to be!

The quality seems to be well constructed for the price. I think they have a good faux leather look and feel.

I'd say they run a teeny bit large. And the only thing I don't like about them is that the sole is so long. I have small feet with short, scrunched toes (thanks, mom!! :) so they do look a little long for my feet. To me it was not a deal breaker, but I definitely would have liked them better had they been a little shorter. Also, one of the studs hits right on my pinky toe and it starts to hurt after a couple hours of wear. Not too bad, but I would just keep that in mind if you have shorter feet!

I wear them a lot and they go well with everything! I am always complimented on them.

If you've wanted a pair of rock studs but just can't break the bank, these are a great option!! I also discovered these ones for $80. I think they look even more like the Valentino's!