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8 Personal Social Media Myths Busted + A Giveaway!!!

Alyssa Walls


 We all know the stigma of social media is perfection. Bloggers tend to have this air of perfection about them, and I know I have often found myself comparing and coming up lacking. I don't know how they do it! Perfect hair, skin, nails, teeth, clothes, homes....what is their secret?!?! I don't have any idea. I am not here to share that with you (haha!) I'm just here to be real with you all. I'm faaaaaaar from perfect. And ya know what? I'm not striving for perfection. At least not social media perfection...but that's a whole other conversation..

Anyways, I'm here to share 8 real, imperfect facts about me! Yay! Also, be sure to enter the amazing giveaway at the bottom of the page!!!! 


My nails are NEVER done. like, ever. Do you know how many photo shoots I've had where my nails are actually nice and manicured? One. That's right. One! My nails are always breaking. I've always got hang nails, and don't even get me started on my cuticles! Is that gross? #sorrynotsorry. Do I enjoy getting my nails done? You bet! Do I love the look of fresh, well taken care of nails? Heck yeah!! Is that reality?? No! Would my husband be game if I asked for $150+ monthly budget for nails? Ahahaha! He would think I'm crazy!(er) Truth is, I'm a mom. A stay at home mom with three crazy toddlers. A mom on a budget. It is not exactly plausible for me at this point in my life.


Dry shampoo is my best friend. I probably wash my hair 2-3x a week. And it's usually late after the kids are asleep, so I have to sleep on damp hair. Then I wake up to all these weird kinks and parts...what do I do about that? Nothing. Except spray some dry shampoo in it when necessary. And that's only if I have company coming or have to leave the house. And I only wash it that often because it gets greasy sooooooo fast. *enter distraught emoticon face* It's dry. It's thin. It's a far cry from the thick, shiny, luscious locks you see on all these fashion and beauty bloggers. Or, your little sister... (not jealous!!)


 I use approximately half of the photos I get back from my shoots. I am so not photogenic and can not smile pleasantly to save my life! I am so awkward behind the camera (though its getting better.) Photo shoots are the worst! How these other bloggers always look so amazing, with perfect poses and makeup and dazzling smiles?! I don't know. I am not the person to ask! Why I wanted to be a fashion blogger, I don't know that either. Except for the part where I love fashion and writing and needed a little side mommy hustle. 


My kids all wear hand me downs. Stained, worn hand me downs. Sometimes with holes. Okay, my kids are not bums! But I swear, I buy them new clothes and they are ripped or stained the same day they wear them! Why waste the money? They're just kids. They want to play and have fun and be craz--, comfortable. And I say let them! Do I sometimes wish they were always dressed in cute little outfits, with tidy hair and clean nails? Yes. Yes I do. Buuut. That's not my reality. And it's okay because they are oh so loved!


My typical daily outfits consists of whatever denim I find lying around and a t shirt. I'm lucky if I get makeup on. Don't get me wrong, I looooove to wear make up, get dressed in a cute outfit, and take care of myself. And I make sure I do it a couple days a week, because if I don't then I become depressed, sulky, short tempered....(also if I don't spend my quiet time! Which is far more important to me) but the reality is it doesn't happen often. You can ask my friends, family, the mama whose daughter I nanny... they've all seen me without makeup and at my worst!


We don't always eat the best. I rarely make elaborate, Pinterest worthy meals. We go to Chick Fil A probably more often than we should. (But it's sooo good and then I can let the kids run free and play while I get a few minutes of solitude... not to mention I don't have to cook any of it!) My lunches often consist of scraps left over on my kids plates or a bowl of leaves with dressing thrown on..I mean, "salad." I try to throw in meat, goat cheese, berries, avocado.. but a lot of days that's just too much work! It's not even that it's too much work, really, it's just that it takes so much time that I don't have. Yes, even silly things like that are hard to make time for. This one I'm really trying to work on because I know its important! But so hard.


Though I am OCD and a neat freak, (my poor husband has to deal with my crazy!!) my home is often a mess. I drive myself crazy trying to keep it clean, so I often let it go. (Let it go, let it goooooo! You're welcome.) Anyways, there are often dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs all over the table, and little toys-that-are-supposed-to-be-down-in-the-play-room, all over my living room. It is impossible to keep a tidy house with one toddler, let alone three. I don't know how these other Instagram mamas do it! Except that they must have a cleaning lady. Or a nanny. Or both. Right?


I'm not always the best mom. I don't always want to get on the floor and play with my kids. I don't always want to jump on the trampoline when they ask. Sometimes I just can't think of another craft or "cool" thing to do! (and by that I really mean browse Pinterest for an idea, gather the supplies, give the instructions, and try not to pull out my hair when things go awry!) Sometimes I let them watch two movies in one day. Sometimes I give them juice before they've had water. Sometimes I even raise my voice at my kids. Sometimes I'm so exhausted emotionally, and physically, that I just can't. Do I love my kiddos to death? Yes. Do I enjoy playing with them and seeing their joyful faces when a project does go well? You bet! But I am also a human being who tends to fail miserably when she's not taking care of her own emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. 

So, as you can see, my life is a far cry from perfect. It's a far cry form being social media acceptable. but alas, here I am. Wanting to share my tips with you all, bring encouragement, and hopefully some smiles to your faces. I hope you never think I am trying to be unreal with you guys, or only show the best. I like my professional Instagram and website to be aesthetically pleasing, so I'm not really sharing the dirty house pictures, (you can watch my IG stories for that!) but I try to keep it real and honest with you guys! 

One thing I know for sure, I am redeemed. And that, is all that matters.



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