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How To Achieve Comfort & Style with KRISP Boutique


How To Achieve Comfort & Style with KRISP Boutique

Alyssa Walls

<img src = "wearing sneakers.jpg" alt = "how-to-wear-sneakers-mom-style-with-joes-jeans-blondie-destroyed-skinny-jeans-coppola">
<img src = "wearing sneakers.jpg" alt = "how-to-wear-sneakers-mom-style-with-joes-jeans-blondie-destroyed-skinny-jeans-coppola">
<img src = "wearing sneakers.jpg" alt = "how-to-wear-sneakers-mom-style-with-joes-jeans-blondie-destroyed-skinny-jeans-coppola">
<img src = "wearing sneakers.jpg" alt = "how-to-wear-sneakers-mom-style-with-joes-jeans-blondie-destroyed-skinny-jeans-coppola">
<img src = "wearing sneakers.jpg" alt = "how-to-wear-sneakers-mom-style-with-joes-jeans-blondie-destroyed-skinny-jeans-coppola">
<img src = "wearing sneakers.jpg" alt = "how-to-wear-sneakers-mom-style-with-joes-jeans-blondie-destroyed-skinny-jeans-coppola">
<img src = "wearing sneakers.jpg" alt = "how-to-wear-sneakers-mom-style-with-joes-jeans-blondie-destroyed-skinny-jeans-coppola">
Tee similar  here  |  Denim  a new favorite! |  Sneakers  similar  here  |  Bag  

Tee similar here | Denim a new favorite! | Sneakers similar here | Bag 

  If you know me personally, or have been following my blog for a little bit, you know I am usually toting around 3 mini me's. They're like a little energy zapping- patience testing- mind blowing - always hungry - army. I am constantly on the go, and just "running some errands" is a full ordeal. I have to mentally prepare myself for the worst case scenario (i.e. I'm that mom, with two whiny toddlers and another one that thinks it's absolutely hilarious to run away and do the exact opposite of what I am telling them.) Don't get me wrong, I love it and I love them. But it is certainly not an easy task, this mom thing, am I right? They're absolutely wonderful and they're absolute monsters. (Very, very cute monsters)

  After having babies 1 and 2, I lived in yoga pants and rocked the tees with spit up stains. I cringe thinking on that time, but it was a very real time for me. I did not feel attractive, I did not feel like myself. I wanted nothing more than to be a stylish, put together mom. But I wasn't. I grabbed what was easy and comfortable. I soon realized, comfortable can be stylish, too! I began to pay more attention to trends and play around with different looks. Let me tell you, it completely lightened my mood and changed my outlook! I could go on and on about that time in my life, postpartum depression is real y'all! (Can not believe I just said y'all...) Maybe I will do a post more in depth about that, but for today I've got some ways for you to achieve the stylishly comfy look!

  First off, get some cute sneakers!!! Sneakers are comfortable and practical and they are so on trend right now! Thankfully, that means there are many cute options to choose from. I absolutely adore these floral ones from Krisp Boutique. When they reached out and asked me if I would like to do a collab, I immediately said yes! Thei site is full of comfortable, yet trendy pieces. And they're all affordable! I saw these shoes and knew they'd be the perfect addition for my #momlife wardrobe. They do not disappoint, they are so lightweight and so comfortable! They look just like the trendy (and expensive!!!) Nike Roshe. You can use my code 'teddybearsandlipstick' to receive 10% off full price items!

  Secondly, wear some trendy denim. I so love this pair from Joe's Jeans. Jeans are my go to because they are comfortable and practical for my lifestyle. I try to go for pairs that have some distressing because it add visual interest. I love the raw step hem on these, it is so trendy and draws the eyes right to the shoes. (They're an investment but denim is always something I will encourage investing in!!) They're comfortable, have a beautiful wash, and perfectly distressed knees. Of course, I'll always link more budget friendly options as well, but if you're in the market for some denim, I highly recommend these. 

  Next, choose a cute tee. If you read my last post, you know I love a good t shirt! Either white with some cute accessories, or a tee with some cute details. I always love stripes, and how cute is the split hem on this tee?! The cool thing about it, if you don't like showing skin, is you can switch up the looks by wearing different cami's underneath! Wear a lace tank for some romantic, girly vibes. Add another patterned cami underneath, I'd suggest tiny florals or polka dots, something that will just add a pop of interest. Or just go with a solid color like white!

  And last but not least, choose a bag that is practical and stylish! I saw this gorgeous tote at target and knew it would get so much use out of it! Totes are not only trendy, but they are so practical! So easy to throw some diapers and other baby essentials in there, while still having room for your wallet, keys, snacks, lipstick etc. The color is too pretty and will go with anything and everything.The best part? it's only $25 and also comes in grey and black! I personally love the light cognac color, as will transition right into fall! (yes, I like to think ahead and will be doing a post on shopping tips soon!)

Thank you KRISP Boutique for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

You can achieve comfort while still looking cute. As moms we tend to put ourselves last, but that does not have to be the case! Follow these steps to find your comfortably stylish shoes!

What shoes do you feel the most comfortable in? Sneakers? Sandals? Flip flops? That's okay! Grab your most worn shoes and look them over. What do you love about them? Are they not so cute but just so comfortable you don't wear anything else? Do they have potential to look cute you're just unsure how to wear them?

If they're ugly, write down all the things you love about them or why you wear them. Place them in the back of your closet for neccessary wears (i.e. home projects, hiking, volunteering etc) Head out to a store you feel comfortable shopping in, or sit at your computer and look through some online stores. Send me an email if you need some direction!

Pick out 2-3 pairs that match the comfort level/style of your most worn shoe, here's where that list you jotted down will come in handy! If they're sneakers, look for sneakers etc. Find pairs that have cute details and can be the focal point of your outfit! Got your 3 pairs picked out? READ the reviews, try them on in store, walk around in them. Are they comfortable? Keep them on your list. Bad reviews or discomfort? Toss em.

Next, pay attention to the colors and details. Are they neutral friendly? Can they be worn with most of the clothes you have at home? (It's okay to mix colors and patterns, just go for a pattern or color that can easily be worn with others; i.e. blush, Navy, florals, or stripes) Narrow your options down even more.

Pick your favorite. (Make sure they're in your budget!) Buy them!!! (Or jot down the info, head home and sell some clothing items you don't wear anymore and head back to purchase in a few weeks. You can also browse eBay, poshmark, etc to try and find them for less!)

Got the shoes? Pull out three different looks you can style them with. Choose a dress, some denim, shorts, joggers etc (If they're versatile, they're keepers!) Now you've got three different stylish looks, with one pair of comfortable shoes! Yay! 

Have questions? Email me! I'd love to help you out! Share your shoes or looks with me on social media using #TBL_comfortablystylish 

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