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How To Transition To Spring (Part 2)


How To Transition To Spring (Part 2)

Alyssa Walls

<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-walking-shot-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
<img src ="how-to-transition-to-spring.jpg" alt = "how-to-transition-to-spring-sam-edelman-yardley-waling-shot-teddy-bears-and-lipstick-blog">
Sweater  similar  here  //  AG Denim  - the best jeans ever //  Sam Edelman sandals  // Purse 

Sweater similar here // AG Denim - the best jeans ever // Sam Edelman sandals // Purse 

If you read part one to this post, you know my top two tips for transitioning to spring. My third tip is to wear shoes that are open. Whether open toe or not, wearing a shoe that does not fully enclose your feet can really help in the look and feel of your outfit. Your look will automatically scream warm weather ready when you have some open shoes.  Sandals, booties with cut outs or perforations, lace up flats, pumps; all of these are spring friendly styles. Especially when they are in pretty spring hues and patterns! Floral, stripe, blush, and powder blue are all great options!

On a side note, how amazing are these Sam Edelman heeled sandals?? I loooove them! I wore the nude colored ones last spring/summer so I fell in love with these burgundy ones immediately. They are so flattering and they are actually comfortable and easy to walk in.

I also have to mention these jeans. I know they are expensive, definitely an investment, but they are so worth it! I am not joking. These are the softest jeans I own, the most flattering jeans I own. They do not stretch with wear and they are such a great color. I recommend searching sites like eBay and poshmark if you want to try and find them for a deal. AG is by far my favorite brand of deni!.

When transitioning to spring, try pairing your look with shoes that have a warm weather feel! Open shoes are generally more popular during summer, so they add a nice warm weather touch to your look!

Pull out some of your favorite "summer" shoes. Try pairing them with a cooler weather look, i.e. sweaters and jeans.  Pair a chunky sweater with a maxi skirt and lace up sandals, or pair a lighter weight sweater with denim like I did here! Throw on those summer shoes and you're ready for the bipolar weather ;)

Have any tips for transitioning to spring?? Let me know in the comments! Share your photos on social media using #TBL_springlook