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My Favorite Brand Name Dupes


My Favorite Brand Name Dupes

Alyssa Walls


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Like many people, I love to stay on top of trends, and that generally includes name brand pieces that are way outside my budget! Every season, gorgeous new pieces are released and I can't help but drool over them like everyone else. While I do believe in investing in certain pieces, such as a good winter coat or those jeans you live in, I could never spend $1,000+ on a single pair of shoes or bag. Even if I did have the funds for that! Don't get me wrong, I understand the draw to it, I personally could never do it, though. So, I am beyond excited to bring you this post today! I have found some unbelievable dupes and look alikes to some of the hottest pieces and trends right now. They will range in all different price points, and  I will include the photos real ones I have so you can compare them! Let the fun begin!


First up, we have the Gucci Dionysus. This bag gives me all the heart eyes! There are many different styles and colors but my personal favorite is the "blooms". A gorgeous floral print runs across the front and back. This bag is so trendy, goes with everything, and is a very popular bag right now!



The bottom ones are the real thing and range anywhere from $1,400 to $3,600 depending on design and size etc. The top ones range from $99 - $125 depending on size! I purchased the blooms one and below are some photos of the actual bag.


Isn't she beautiful?? Definitely my favorite purse and a very good dupe. For reference I got the small, and  I almost wish I had gone with the large, but I was afraid it was going to be too big. I don't personally like the larger size Dionysus. So if you've been dying for the Dionysus, this is an amazing deal! If $100 is still out of your price range, then this next one may be perfect for you. It has a similar style to it and is only $49.(on sale for only $20!!!) It is really small but still a great option!


Click on the photos to shop the bags!

The next dupe I have for you is the Chloe Faye. It was the first designer bag I actually wanted, so I was very excited when I found this one! I love the design, especially the O ring and chain! Super cute and stylish. This is another popular one in the fashion world.


The bottom one is the real bag, the price ranging from $800 - $1950 depending on size. The top one is for sure the steal at $30!!! Here's some photos of the actual bag.


It comes in black and brown as well. I also found a few more similar styles, including one on sale for' $18!

Click on the photos to shop them!

Bag dupe number 3 is the Gucci Marmont Velvet. Velvet is huge this season and this one comes in black and other pretty colors. Luckily, I found the dupe in a gorgeous plum color as well! (That one's on my wishlist ;) 


This beauty ranges from $1290 for the mini to $1790 for the large. The one on top is the splurge at only $88! Keep scrolling to see photos of the real bag!


Click the images below to shop. I included some other velvet pretties!!


Over the knee boots are very in right now, but also quite expensive! This splurge pair is on the lower end at $180! They range anywhere from $120 - $900+. I have shared these boots several times now because they are an amazing pair for those that want to try the trend without breaking the bank! They are originally $50, on sale right now for $20!! Available in black and brown, I have both!


Keep scrolling to see photos of the actual boots!


Click the images to shop

Next we have the Gucci Fur Slipper Loafers. You're looking to spend about $995 for the real thing or just $142 for the dupe! Also available in velvet for even less! You can bet these are on my wishlist! Unfortunately , I don't have real photos to show you, but have ordered from this website and have never been disappointed!


Click the images below to shop!

Have your eye on an expensive item that you want? You can always search for a look alike, or dupe! It may take some time and work, but if you find what you're looking for, it is worth it in the end :)