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How To Wear Scarves


How To Wear Scarves

Alyssa Walls

Scroll to the bottom for my 5 Min Takeaway if you're short on time!

Scarves are the perfect accessory to taking your look up a notch. There are so many different styles, patterns, and ways to wear them! Today I'm showing you three different scarves and very easy ways to wear them. I styled them all with the same basic tee, dark denim, and over the knee boots, easily bringing a simple outfit to something much more exciting!

As a side not, this was my very last one of a four outfit shoot, and I was freezing and ready to be done! lol. So I apologize in advance for not having as many photos for you guys, but I am so excited for this post!

Blanket scarves are, of course, very popular. I, however, have yet to wear one around my neck as I find them way too big and bulky to wear comfortably! I love how they look, I just haven't been able to do it yet! I did discover, though, that they are perfect to wear as pretty ponchos! Not only are they warm, this look is super trendy right now!


You can also belt it with a skinny belt for a completely different look!


The next outfit involves a circle scarf look. It was a simple addition yet it is easily the statement piece of the outfit! Leopard print is one of those neutral, eye catching prints and it looks so good with some simple basics! (And don't you just looove this blue door??)


This leopard print scarf is not an actual circle scarf, so can also be styled like my next look!  You ready for this?! Just throw a scarf around your neck! That's it! It add so much to the outfit, and you could also throw on a long jacket for even more interest!


When you need a little "oomph" to your outfit, a scarf is a simple and versatile way to do just that! They add a cozy chic vibe to any fall or winter look, and can be the pretty finishing touch in your warmer looks! They are incredibly versatile with so many patterns and sizes to choose from. You literally can't go wrong with a scarf.

 1. Throw a blanket scarf over your shoulders for an easy cape, or fold them around your neck for a big oversized look.  

2. Wrap a long straight scarf around your neck, creating a circle look,  or just let it hang down!

3. Grab a circle scarf and throw it on

4. Tie a miniature scarf around your neck, arm, or handbag

5. Youtube videos for tons of different ways to tie and knot your scarves!

I've linked tons of beautiful scarves, in all different shapes and styles down below!

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