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Trending : Bell Sleeves


Trending : Bell Sleeves

Alyssa Walls


I like to keep in the know with trending pieces and sharing them with you! You probably already know about this one, but bell sleeves are huge right now! You can find so many styles of tops and dresses with beautiful bell sleeves. Some are more flared than others. meaning you can start out with a simpler style if you are unsure about this current trend. Personally, I love it!

When I saw this bell sleeved beauty at target (+on sale!!), I knew it would be perfect for this post! Target has done a great job of keeping up on styles while still making them affordable! 

If a sweater is oversized enough, I like to wear it on its own with some boots and pretty jewelry. Since this sweater had a tighter fit, I decided to throw on this faux fur vest, another big trend of this season! Fashion is all about expressing yourself and wearing what makes you feel beautiful. I don't generally feel comfortable in tight fitted tops, so I usually go for oversized or wear a something like  this vest or a sweater over them!

<img src = "bell-sleeves.jpg" alt = "trending=bell=sleeves=otk=boots- bb dakota- keith-faux-fur-vest">
<img src =" trending bell sleeves.jpg" alt = "trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-keith-faux-fur-vest">
<img src = "bell sleeves.jpg" alt = "trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-faux-fur-keith-vest">

I love that the sleeves have a tighter fit and then a gradual, yet dramatic flare. The fit is very flattering and looks great with an oversized vest! Of course, over the knee boots were the finishing touch! This would have looked cute with booties as well, but I just love how over the knee boots add that final statement to any look.

<img src = " bell sleeves.jpg" alt = " trending bell sleeves too boots bb Dakota Keith faux fur vest">
<img src = "bell sleeves.jpg" alt = trending bell sleeves otk boots bb dakota faux fur vest ">
<img src =" gucci dupe.jpg" alt = gucci dupe bag purse look alike ">
<img src =" bell sleeves.jpg" alt= " trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-keith-faux-fur-vest">
<img src =" bell sleeves.jpg" alt = "trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-keith-faux-fur-vest">
<img src - bell sleeves.jpg" alt = "trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-keith-faux-fur-vest">
<img src =" bell sleeves.jpg" alt =" trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-keith-faux-fur-vest">
<img src=" bell sleeves.jpg" alt = "trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-keith-faux-fur-vest" >
<img src = "bell sleeves.jpg" alt = "trending-bell-sleeves-otk-boots-bb dakota-keith-faux-fur-vest">

When trying to figure out what items are "in" or on trend, pay close attention to the items the stores you shop at are selling. Take note of colors, textures, details, shoes, bags... What seems to be in stock at several stores? What item do you find in multiple styles and colors? Browse through those store catalogs you get in the mail, or head to store websites and check out their designs. And of course, follow your favorite fashion guru's on social media!

What do you think of the bell sleeve trend? Do you have any bell sleeve tops? I'd love to see how you style them! Share in the comments or tag me in your Instagram photos and use #tbl_bellsleeve



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