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Winter Layering & How To Do It Right


Winter Layering & How To Do It Right

Alyssa Walls


If short on time, you can scroll to the bottom for my 5 Min Takeaway!

When you live somewhere like Colorado, where winter is bi polar, freezing in the morning with snow yet sunny and pleasant by lunch time, layering is essential! Today I'm talking about how to layer one of those basic pieces I am sure most of you have in your closet; plaid button ups! Plaid shirts, or flannels, whatever you may call them, are such an easy throw on and go piece! You can wear them on their own, you can wear them with leggings, shorts, dresses, and they are the perfect piece for layering! Not only are they extremely versatile, they come in an array of colors and styles, yet in that trendy pattern we all love so much!

I've got two different looks showing you the different ways you can layer your plaid tops. The first is pretty simple, yet totally stylish and put together. For my first look, all you need is a cardigan sweater. Throw it on over your plaid with some jeans or leggings and over the knee boots and you are all set!


As I've mentioned before, it is key to get your basic pieces in neutral colors, for such times as these! (you can read more about statement vs basic pieces HERE) This cardigan sweater is the perfect basic and because it is in a lovely neutral tan, the outfit possibilities are endless! I love how it looks paired with this olive and tan plaid + some really dark denim. The contrast of colors makes for flattering interest. Black boots would have worked for this look as well, but I  liked the flow of browns and tans, and again, the contrast of the dark denim with the brown boots.


My second look is ideal for those chilly, snowy days. Plaids are perfect to pair under crew neck and slight v neck sweaters. The neckline makes a huge difference when layering with a plaid, as you want the collar to peak out, but having too much of the shirt showing can look sloppy. If your sweater is the same length as your plaid, or longer, just fold it up slightly as I am doing here! You want the plaid showing at the hem of your sweater as that is the best way to get that cute layered look. 


Of course you can stop at the sweater and plaid, but if you'd like to add more interest (and warmth!) to the look, you can throw on a down vest! I love pieces that are trendy yet also practical and down vests are just that! Made popular by J Crew, they pair well with just about anything! I paired the look with dark denim and my favorite wet weather boots. I threw on some cute boot socks to break up the dark of the denim and boots, as well as , of course, add some extra warmth!

When wearing boot socks, you want them to be just slightly longer than the boots you are wearing, otherwise the proportions would be off, making your legs look short and stumpy, or your ankles unflattering and thick. Over the knee socks for tall boots, thigh high socks for over the knee boots etc. Had I worn a sock longer than these, I would've had to scrunch them down, making the ankles look a little too wide. Not a good look!


Plaid flannels are one of the easiest tops to layer! (or any button up for that matter!) They are simple and laid back, but can easily be dressed up. You can throw on an oversized sweater or blazer jacket. You can layer them with a crew neck sweater and down vest. You can wear them unbuttoned over a t shirt and add a scarf or oversized cardigan! They can be worn over dresses with tights and over the knee socks.

Take a peak in your closet. Do you have a plaid or other button up in your closet? This weeks challenge is to figure out two different ways to layer it. As always, make sure to leave a comment letting me know how it goes! Or tag me on Instagram with hashtag #tbl_layering so I can see for myself!

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