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Color Combo : Burgundy & Blush


Color Combo : Burgundy & Blush

Alyssa Walls

If you're short on time, scroll to the bottom to see my 5 Min Takeaway!

When it comes to color mixing, I believe the "rules" can be broken. Especially since most ofthese rules involve mixed feelings!  Fashion is ultimately a way to express oneself! I do, however, think there are some tricks to help you look sophisticated and chic, rather than looking like you stepped out of a coloring book. (Of course, if this is the look you are going for and you feel confident doing so, then by all means go for it!)

This color combo is great for transitioning into Spring!


1. Try to keep your colors to three max. (Your blue jeans count as a neutral ;) Generally when you throw in more than three colors, it is just too much for the eyes and doesn't look good. You want to look put together without looking too busy. There are, as always, the rare exceptions, but we won't get too complicated yet!

2. Try to keep at least one color at a more subtle hue. (This goes for color mixing and pattern mixing!) For instance I paired this blush top, a subtle pink, with Burgundy pumps, a richer and bolder color, giving more of a pop against the blush.

3. You pretty much can't go wrong picking colors from the same family. Jade and turquoise, violet and navy, blush and burgundy.


3. Let your accessories and shoes be the color. While Burgundy shoes looked great paired with this blouse, I probably would not have liked the look had I worn burgundy pants. Again, if that is the look you like, then go for it. I personally like the look of colored shoes, earrings, or a bag!

4. Neutrals are your friend! Cream with purple, white with blue, black with red..these combinations always look good! Neutrals give a chic vibe to you colored pieces. I added my favorite jacket in tan to bring it all together.


And if you're looking for the perfect pair of denim, I suggest heading to American Eagle! They've done a great job of bringing fashionable and flattering jeans at an affordable price point! I love the distressed look of these ones and they have the trendy uneven hem that I love!


Another trend I am loving, velvet!! These velvet heels give me all the heart eyes!

Blouse , similar  HERE  and  HERE  //  AE Denim  //  Velvet pumps , also  HERE , similar  HERE  //  Purse  //  J Crew Factory Jacket  //  Kendra Scott Earrings , similar  HERE  and  HERE

When combining colors, keep your colors to a maximum of three. Any more than three colors can be too busy. Try to vary the hues, so one is more subtle than the other(s). Ultimately fashion is a way to express yourself so feel free to break the rules and wear what you feel good in. 

Find a scarf, blouse, bag or any other piece with a design of various colors. Take note of the different colors in that piece. Do they look good together? Are the colors too much or too busy? This is a good way to find colors that look good together.

Head to websites like J CREW and see what colors they're models are mixing together. J Crew is always on top of fashion, especially trending colors! They know how to mix the colors well so this is a good place to get some inspiration and direction.

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