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Bloggers I follow

To me, blogging is more than just a business. It's a community. A place where we can support and help each other. Below I've listed bloggers I personally love to follow, from all different niches! 


1. Loverly Grey - Brittany is so much fun to follow! i always look forward to her posts, she is genuine, kind, and has such a beautiful sense of fashion! She is always sharing informative tips and great outfits. Follow her on IG, too! I love watching her stories! 

2. Delayna Denaye - You probably know her from our monthly collaboration together, but Delayna is such a sweet friend and i love catching up on her posts! I love that she is confident in her body and is not afraid to style what she likes!

3. Merrick's Art -  A sweet mom of three boys with a stylish casual vibe. She is amazing at sewing and has lots of DIY's! 

Lifestyle & Home Decor

1. Addison's Wonderland - The most beautiful, dream home ever! All her posts are drool worthy. She has a gift of creating a beautiful space! 

Motherhood & Kid Inspo

1. Mom WIthout Labels - Real and down to earth, Shannon shares everything from fashion to mom advice to getting your kiddos out of the house and other inspiration for moms! 


1. Jaclyn Hill - I am sure you've all heard of Jaclyn Hill, but she has truly taught me everything I know about makeup. i love watching her youtube tutorials.