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Pick Of The Week : Statement Earrings by Mod & Jo

Alyssa Walls

  If you know me at all, you know I have an obsession with earrings. And shoes. But we're not here to talk about shoes. Just earrings. My favorite place to buy earrings (and all of my other jewelry) right now is MOD & JO. MOD & JO has done an excellent job of creating modern, chic pieces that are versatile and budget friendly. One of my favorite purchases of theirs so far are these gorgeous blue chalcedony statement earrings.


 The subtle light blue color plus the hammered gold just gives me all the heart eyes. These earrings can be worn with just about anything, dressed up or down. I love to wear statement earrings with a jeans and tee combo, just add a little something extra. These earrings are perfect for that!

  A lot of statement earrings are heavy or they cause my sensitive ears to hurt by the end of the day. These are sturdy, yet lightweight. They're comfortable and I can wear them all day with no problems. They are available in several different stone options, including druzy, which are definitely on my wishlist!

  If I had to wear just one accessory for the rest of my life, it would be earrings. What about you?? Guaranteed, MOD & JO has what you're looking for aaaand you can get 15% off with code "ALYSSA15"! Let me know what you think of MOD & JO and what pieces you decide to get! ;)


5 Summer Pieces To Have In Your Closet Part 1 + Nordstrom Giftcard Giveaway

Alyssa Walls

 Summer is all about staying cool and comfortable. The trick is how to do it and still look like you put some effort into your outfit. I know in the summer it can be so easy to get sluggish, tired, and unmotivated thanks to the heat. Sometimes the last thing on our mind is what to wear! Im going to help you by sharing 5 pieces you need to have in your closet that will make it easy to style summer looks.

<img src ="five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt ="waist-down-detail-shot-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-styled-with-palm-print-sleeveless-blouse-white-platform-espadrille-sneakers-and-pink-chloe-faye-dupe">
<img src =five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt ="fashion-blogger-sitting-on-the-ground-wearing-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11 year-swapmeet-skinny-jeans- with-a bold-patterned-tank-and-platform-espadrille-sneakers-talking-summer-essentials-you-need-in-your-closet">
<img src ="five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt ="fashion-blogger-styling-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-pieces-and-espadrille-platform-sneakers">
<img src= five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt= "fashion-blogger-walking-the-streets-of-denver-wearing-summer-essential-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-tank-top-blouse-white-espadrille-platform-sneakers-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-jeans">
<img src= five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt= "fashion-blogger-walking-the-streets-of-denver-wearing-summer-essential-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-tank-top-blouse-white-espadrille-platform-sneakers-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-jeans">
<img src= five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt= "denver-fashion-blogger-wearing-summer-essential-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-tank-top-blouse-white-espadrille-platform-sneakers-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-jeans-light-pink-chloe-faye-dupe-bag">
<img src= five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt= "denver-fashion-blogger-wearing-summer-essential-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-tank-top-blouse-white-espadrille-platform-sneakers-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-jeans-light-pink-chloe-faye-dupe-bag">
<img src= five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt= "denver-fashion-blogger-wearing-summer-essential-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-tank-top-blouse-white-espadrille-platform-sneakers-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-jeans-light-pink-chloe-faye-dupe-bag-detail-shot">
<img src= five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt= "denver-fashion-blogger-sitting-in-front-of-a-store-wearing-summer-essential-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-tank-top-blouse-white-espadrille-platform-sneakers-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-jeans-light-pink-chloe-faye-dupe-bag">
<img src= five-summer-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet.jpg" alt= "denver-fashion-blogger-wearing-summer-essential-pieces-to-have-in-your-closet-bold-patterned-tank-top-blouse-white-espadrille-platform-sneakers-ag-adriano-goldschmied-11-year-swapmeet-distressed-skinny-jeans-light-pink-chloe-faye-dupe-bag">

1. lightweight, bold patterned pieces

 Think maxi skirts, tank tops, blouses, shorts... Again, the goal of summer is to stay cool. Lightweight pieces help you do just that. To make them even more summer-y, get them in bold patterns like this tank I am wearing! Something about summer just screams 'bold'. From colors to patterns, fashionistas tend to get a little more adventurous in the summer heat! Some of my favorite patterns right now are palm leaves, florals, and cacti! You can find just about any piece with a bold pattern, whether you just want a flowy top in a loud pattern like I did here, or you want to go for the whole bang by getting a full on printed jumpsuit, there is something for everyone and every style. Just try to go for those lighter pieces, rather than a heavy material. Then you will stay cool and look stylish!

2. espadrilles

  Espadrilles are the epitome of summer, and when you combine them with a chic platform sneaker, you are kicking summer fashion booty! While heels are in fact my favorite,  platform sneakers are the more comfortable option, making them the best choice for all your summer adventures. Easy to walk in, yet sill give your legs that nice elongated look! They pair especially well with summer dresses, shorts, and rompers. There are so many different espadrille styles to choose from, you're sure to find something you like. When it comes to summer fashion, espadrilles are a no brainer!

  I know I am a little late on this post, but here in Colorado we have at least another solid month of hot weather!! Check back Friday to see the rest of my Summer Pieces To Have In Your Closet!


  It can be hard to stay cool in the summer and still look modestly cute. I know for me, I can often feel like I just want to throw my hair back in a pony tail and grab the nearest tank top and denim shorts. There is nothing wrong with that, of course! But I am sharing five summer pieces I think you should have in your closet, to help you look your best for summer without over heating! ;)

  The first is lightweight pieces in bold patterns. Summer is all about being loud and bold, it is a time to be more adventurous with your colorful side! Grab those lightweight maxi skirts, shorts, tank tops, and dresses in some fun summer patterns. Then they can easily be thrown on without much effort. My favorite prints right now are cacti and palm leaves! Both are cute and summer'y!

 Two, if you don't have any espadrilles in your closet, you should. They just scream summer to me. They're the perfect shoes to easily add some summer interest to your look, and they come in all sorts of styles from sneakers to wedges. They're just so effortless and cool!

   Check back Friday to see my other three summer closet picks!

nordstrom giftcard giveaway

In celebration of the recent launch of Lili Alessandra a maker of fine linens and soft furnishings on I have partnered with a few of my favorite bloggers to give away a $500 Nordstrom gift card! Simply enter below by completing the rafflecopter. You’ll receive one entry per completion. This giveaway is open internationally and ends on 8/7. Winner will be announced here. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fearless Friday : Boyfriend Jeans

Alyssa Walls

I realize that I have been completely slacking on my promised Fearless Friday posts...but they are back for good! I've gotten into a much better groove with this blog, so I promise it is here to stay! :)

<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "detail-shot-of-boyfried-jeans-styled-with-same-edelman-hazel-pump-and-a-pompom-clutch">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-smiling-wearing-boyfriend-jeans-with-a-peplum-top-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-and-a-pompom-clutch">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "blogger-sitting-on-railing-wearing-boyfriend-jeans-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-and-a-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "Fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-showing-how-to-style-boyfriend-jeans-with-classic-sam-edeman-hazel-pumps-a-colorful-pompom-clutch-and-blue-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-walking-in-downtown-denver-wearing-boyfriend-denim-caramel-sam-edleman-hazel-pumps-a-light-blue-peplum-top-and-a-blue-clutch-with-colorful-pompoms">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "waist-down-look-at-fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick's-boyfriend-jeans-outfit-styled-with-caramel-colored-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-and-a-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-in-downtown-denver-holding-a-blue-clutch-with-colorful-pompoms-wearing-boyfriend-jenas-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-a-blue-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-of-teddybearsandlipstick-walkng-the-streets-of-downtown-denver-wearing-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps-boyfriend-jeans-and-a-flowy-peplum-top">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "golden-hour-sunlight-shining-behind-fashion-blogger-alyssa-walls-in-her-boyfriend-jeans-styled-with-the-classic-sam-edelman-hazel-pumps">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "golden-hour-sunlight-highlights-a-waist-down-shot-of-fashion-blogger-teddybearsandlipstick-in-her-boyfriend-jeans">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-bloger-teddybearsandlipstick-leans-against-the-rails-of-millenium-bridge-in-dowtown-denver-one-heeled-shoe-resting-on-the-rails-as-her-gaze-is-fixed-on-the-distant-view-destroyed-boyfirend-jeans-are-the-hghlight-of-her-outfit">
<img src ="how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans.jpg" alt = "fashion-blogger-showss-us-how-to-wear-distressed-boyfriend-jeans">

  If you missed my first (and only - whoops) Fearless Friday, it's a series I will be doing once a month where I try a trend or something that I have not been too keen on trying. The heart behind these posts is to encourage you, and myself, to step out of our comfort zones. Not only with fashion, but in life! I don't want to let fear hold me back. I don't want to live in a comfortable bubble. Who knows what we could be missing out on?? Who knows what great things God may have in store if we just let Him stretch and use us. Our wardrobes may be a small step, but it's a step. And if I truly believe something, I think it should be reflected in every aspect of my life. 

  If you couldn't tell from the title, today's Fearless Friday is about boyfriend jeans. I have always loved boyfriend jeans...on other people!  (At least most of them, some of them are too, boyfriend-y for my taste.) The looks I have seen and loved have always been on girls with long legs. My legs are the opposite of long and I did not think it was a look I could pull off. I'm really learning to love myself, it is not in the least bit easy, but part of that entails not judging myself so much in my clothes. Are there some trends that just look better on a different body types than mine? Absolutely. There are those certain pieces that just fit me well! But I also know part of, okay most of, the problem is judging my body and how I think it should look. If you read my Wednesday post, you know a little bit of my heart about this thought process. 

  I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and everyone was made precisely how God intended! With that thought process in mind, I decided to suck it up and try out this stylish trend. I found this pair at one of my favorite boutiques, and since I had a coupon code decided it was the perfect time to pull the trigger. I certainly didn't want to overspend on something I wasn't sure I'd like.

  Turns out I don't hate them after all! I like them best pair with a classic heeled pump, as they help elongate the legs. I also love the idea of combining styles, such as pairing classic pumps with boyfriend denim which tend to be more "street style". 

What do you think of the boyfriend trend? Love them, hate them, indifferent? Haven't tried them? Are you trying a trend for the first time? Were you inspired to try something new? Tag me in your photos and use #tbl_fearlessfriday 

Don't be afraid to try new things! Whether it's a new piece in your wardrobe, a new food, or an action totally outside your comfort zone, don't let fear hold you back. Sometimes our greatest growth comes from trying new thing and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

Boyfriends jeans are a great trend to try if you haven't! They are versatile and comfortable. You can easily create any vibe you want with hem. Here's three different ways you can wear them

1. Street style

Boyfriend jeans + a simple t shirt + leather jacket + embroidered or platform sneakers

2. Girly (how I chose to style it)

Boyfriend jeans + a flirty peplum tee + a fun pump or heel + a statement clutch

3. Classic

Boyfriend jeans + a tucked in blouse + a neutral pump + pearl studs  

Pick Of The Week : My Current Favorite Skin Care Products

Alyssa Walls

 I'll be honest, I have been blessed with pretty good skin. I have always taken it for granted, too. I have gone days where I don't even wash my face, let alone have a skin care routine. But as I have gotten older, I have started to notice my skin is not as clear as it used to be. Probably the beginning of this year I noticed breakouts more often, enlarged pores, blackheads, uneven skin tone, texture, dry skin. I started to notice areas that small wrinkles were forming. It freaked me out. But not enough for me to change my habits. Not until I went three straight months with terrible (to me) acne. I realized something needed to change. I became vigilant in wearing sunscreen and hats when I was outdoors, and began to do some research on how to care for one's skin. These products are products I've been using for 1-3 months now, and I can honestly say they have made all the difference. 

Read More

How To Save Money On Designer Brands With Current Boutique

Alyssa Walls

Do you ever wish you could shop for designer pieces without spending an arm and a leg? We all know designer brands are excellent quality and will last a long time, but most of us just don't have the funds for them. I'm here to tell you that now you can!

<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"
<img src = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less.jpg"  alt = "how-to-shop-designer-brands-for-less-cole-haan-cambon-snakeskin-sandals-summer-fashion"

 First of all, how gorgeous are these sandals?? They have that beautiful real leather, the nice wooden block heel, and a trendy touch of snakeskin print without being overbearing. I love them, they are so perfect for summer and the dark colors with the snakeskin print make them great for fall! Now, I have to tell you, these sandals are Cole Haan and they retail for two hundred dollars! Yes, two hundred dollars!!!!!! Would you believe me if I told you I found them for under seventy? That's more than half off. Not only were they over half off, they were brand spanking new. They had never been worn! There's one more thing, these sandals are pretty much sold out everywhere. There are a few sizes floating around here and there but still for far more than the sixty eight dollars I found them for. 

  So, what is my secret to finding sold out, designer pieces?! Current Boutique! Current Boutique is a consignment store that sells top notch, name brand pieces. The catch is that you can shop these awesome pieces for well under their value. Browsing through their store was like being on a treasure hunt, searching for hidden gems. I could not contain my excitement as I saw beautiful pieces by well known brands, at prices that I could actually afford.

  I know there are a lot of consignment stores out there, so what sets Current Boutique apart? The first thing that caught my eye was they have fun curated sections, such as Classic Beauty, Downtown Darling, and Polished Professional , just to name a few! I think this is a really fun and unique way that makes it easy for people to shop. Rather than get overwhelmed with all the pieces to look through, you can just click on the fitting category and you won't have as much to sift through! Going right along with that they also have a Trends section, so if there is a certain trend you are looking for, you can do the same thing.

Current Boutique has a wide variety of price points and designer items, there is something for everyone's budget and lifestyle. Their photos are well done and they make sure to provide clear and honest descriptions. And of course, not only can you buy from Current Boutique, you can also sell your brand name items! Simply ship your items to them and they do all the work for you!

  Basically, shopping at Current Boutique is like shopping a huge sale all year round! So fun and who doesn't love saving money? Head on over and see what treasures you can find! And make sure to use code 'TEDDY' for 15% off your order!!

Thank you Current Boutique for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my very own!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Alyssa Walls

Hello lovelies! 

I don't normally post on Thursdays, but since it is the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I decided I needed to share my top picks with you! If you don't know what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is, then you must live under a rock... haha jk.

In a nutshell, Nordstrom brings in top, brand new fall/winter items at crazy marked down prices. I know it is hard to think about cool weather attire right now, but you will be thanking yourself in a couple months. I am doing all the hard work for you, picking out all the essentials and best pieces so you can shop right here! (Yes, it is 1 am. But that is how much I love and appreciate you guys!) So, let's get this party started!

My Personal Favorites


My Top Five

AG The Legging Raw Hem Skinny. AG is by far my favorite brand of jeans, they are so soft and so flattering. These will not last long!! They were a top seller last year and sold out so fast. If you've been wanting to try AG jeans, now is the time!

Sam Edelman Camellia Tall Boot. I got these in the 'golden caramel' color, and they are too beautiful! They are the perfect color and height for fall. They look amazing with dresses, skirts, and denim.

Leith Circle Cardigan. I live in cardigan's in the fall, and this Leith cardigan was so popular in last year's Nordstrom sale! It sold out quick. I love this new pink color they brought in for this year! 

Topshop Faux Leather Skirt.  The rust color is absolutely stunning in person. This is going to be the perfect skirt for fall. It is a great length, not too short on my 5'4' frame. I can't wait to style it!

Lush Ruffle Sleeve T-shirt Dress.  This dress is so soft and has the cutest little ruffle sleeves. The olive color is already sold out, but the pink and gray are so cute! (I got both, should've gotten all three...) This is a dress you can wear now and transition into fall so easily. It pairs really well with the Sam Edelman Camellia boot!

 If you want to see more of my picks, head to the 'Nordstrom Anniversary Sale' under shop!